Jan. 7th, 2008

Oh boy!

Jan. 7th, 2008 07:24 pm
I'm under a tornado warning and the sirens have just now stopped going off. It's now 7:20, the time when the storm was supposed to come and go through town, but the warning doesn't end until 7:45. My niece heard the sirens and got scared and went to the storm shelter instead of coming here so she's all by herself.

Since I live in the basement, I'm as safe as I can possibly be in a tornado. I don't know if it will actually touch down here, but it has done damage in two other towns on its way here.

I'm not necessarily scared for myself, I don't scare easily...and I've lived with this all my life, but I am worried about my family that aren't as safe. I have siblings that live in mobile homes, and my father's home doesn't have enough room that's safe to hold everyone. I'm aslo thinking about the stuff I could lose that can never be replaced (besides family) such as my photo albums of me as a baby with pictures of my mom.

I have my place in the closet all ready for me to take the laptop and sit and wait it out, but so far the sirens haven't come back on so we'll see.

I'll be back later, if nothing happens, to update.

ETA: I'm okay. Still under a warning, but it's actually pretty calm right now. From what I've heard it's on the other side of the county. I've been without power until just a few moments ago (about 11 p.m. CST) so that's why I haven't updated until now.

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