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and they're so cute!

I've brought pics.

The bride walking down the aisle:

Lighting the unity candle:

Waiting for the song to end (Big and Rich's Lost In This Moment...perfect song for these two):

Exchanging vows:

Signing the Family Bible:

The bride's grandpa (my dad) saying the blessing prayer:

Mr. and Mrs.:

They were so happy to have it done and over with LOL:

They were lazin' around in between pics:

The bride and groom...who was just about smiled out:

The maid of honor (the bride's sister):

And once again with the last minute thing...I didn't know it, but I was enlisted to help with the reception.

I found this out when I got to the church and had a flower handed to me to pin on.


I'm eloping when my day comes.

Eloping, I tell ya'.

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