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We had fun on the way and then when we got there we walked around the mall a little and looked at the new store space. It's big. You could fit the space the store is in now in this new space about three times over LOL

Lambert's was fun. Had a hamburger, fries, and fried okra...and of course a roll LOL The drinks were huge. There's no way I could have had a refill. I just barely manage to finish all of it. I know a hamburger isn't special...but a nice juicy hamburger was what I'd been craving so that's what I got.

Oh, and Piggy...my regional manager's husband got the chicken and dumplings...he said the dumplings didn't have any taste LOL

It's been a long day, and I'm tired, but I'm glad I got to go.

ETA: Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that on the way down to Sikeston, we were behind a truck hauling cars. And you'll never guess what was on the bottom rack.

A wine colored Rolls Royce with gold bumpers, grill, and hood ornament. It was gorgeous! It had a signature on the trunk, but I couldn't make out what it was. I was wishing at the time that I had a camera with me, but as usual...I didn't.

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