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 The meme:  When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress stories as you like. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.


Eh, why not?  I just got home from work, am sitting here gagging down some yogurt and granola, so I might as well do this meme to help take my mind off the nastiness that is yogurt (the pomegranate and blueberry juice I’m drinking is excellent though).



A Father’s Heart (this is a story that has just been sitting since I lost all but the first eight chapters to a bad cd…there were over forty chapters!)

Waking when the sun’s rays shone in through the bedroom windows, Viki noticed that Jessica was still curled up next to her.  Wondering where Ben had spent the rest of the night, she carefully slipped from the bed. “Brrr.”  She shivered against the cool morning air and gratefully pulled one of Ben’s sweatshirts on over her gown.

Smiling as she neared the bottom of the stairs, she could hear Ben’s light snores.  Moving into the living room, she found him sleeping on the sofa.  Viki knew he couldn’t be very comfortable since the sofa was about six inches shorter than his tall frame, but still he slept soundly enough not to hear her when she cursed after stubbing her toe.


Consequences II (this story is a futuristic sequel to one of my most popular Ben/Viki stories)

“Mum,  I’m so sorry that I broke my promise to you…but I had to.  I had to do it to fix the wrongs.  I had to fix your broken heart.  I know what happened with Reania, and I tried to talk to her, but she wouldn’t listen to me…not even when I told her all of what happened that night ten years ago.

I don’t know why she’s so hard hearted, but I’m going to fix that.  Soon you will have your beautiful, sweet girl back…and Dad.  I’m going to bring him back to you, Mum.  I swear it.

But…I won’t be coming back.

I shouldn’t have been with you this long, my time came and I pleaded with those that sent me to you, to let me stay because I loved you and Da so much.  But it’s caused so many problems.  I know that now…and I’m going back to fix it.  I love you…but you won’t remember that or me when I’ve done what I went back to do.”


Her Sacrifice

Kathryn opened her eyes, smiling sadly at her mentors before turning to look at her condemners.  “I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager.  I have seen things you will never even dream of.  I have had to do things that you can only imagine the cost to my soul.  I fought with every ounce of training and strength in me to bring one hundred and fifty two people home.  I didn’t always win, I lost a few along the way.  Now I’m once again, for the sake of my crew, giving my all.”  Never taking her eyes from the admirals sitting in condemnation of her crew, she slowly popped each pip from her collar.  “I hereby give you my rank, my commission, and the remaining days of my life in exchange for the freedom of those crew you would condemn and imprison.  I will serve the prison terms for each of the former Maquis crew members as well as the remaining years of Tom Paris’ term.”


Far Across the Sea Jessie

“Jessie!”  Seth shouted.  “Don’t you dare leave me, ya’ hear?”  he continued shouting as he grabbed the paddles and shouted orders then shocked her, causing her body to convulse off the table then land with a soft thud…her heart still not responding.

“Charge four hundred joules!”  he commanded.  “Clear.”

Again her body convulsed, and once again the monitor showed a flat line…its eerie sound filling the room, making it’s presence known even above Seth’s shouts.

“Jessica Fletcher, don’t you dare give up!  You’re a fighting Irish…remember?”  he growled then pressed the paddles to her chest once more, knowing that this was the last time he could try to bring her back.


Fool’s Gold

Kachina smiled.  She loved the way her papa said her name, and she loved being called by her middle name again.  “I’m so happy to be home.  I missed being called by my middle name.”

Kitty smiled.  “You never have really cared for your given name, have you?”

“Oh yes, Maman, I love my name.  But…”  she frowned.  “It’s hard to explain.  There’s something special in the way you and Papa say Cheyenne.”

Kitty’s grin grew wider as she tucked the blankets around them.  “It’s a very special name for us, Cherie.” 

“That’s what you’ve always told me, Maman, but you never have explained why.  So, will you now?” 

“Let’s wait for your papa.  He’s much better at telling stories than I am.”

“Oh, Maman.”  Kachina sighed in frustration.  “You tell good stories.”

“Except this one.  This is your papa’s story to tell.”



Now everyone that reads my stories understands why it takes me so long to get a chapter done.  I have too many stories going at once!  Although I must admit, a few of these I don’t work on at all anymore, they’re just waiting for me to finish others so I can work on, and finish, them.

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