that sat in the middle of the room all day just sort of put a damper on things.

I got to see Mia, twice as a matter of fact (once Christmas Eve and then tonight), but not having Keelie just...

I was afraid to even talk about her. It just wasn't...well, it just didn't feel very festive.

I got sick as a dog at about seven this morning so I didn't get to sleep as well as I'd like to have. And then with the Keelie thing...

I just wasn't in a holiday sort of mood.

And what do I come home to?

My *@!# neighbor doing whatever it is they do with the scraping of funiture back and forth across the floor and the stomping etc.


I'm a scrooge and I know it.

Not so scroogy that I didn't get a few pics of Mia.

Mia says 'cheese' as I snap the picture:

more Mia )
I have a new pic of Mia to share, but only one :( as I didn't get to see her. My nephew took this pic with his phone and sent it to me.

Isn't she a doll?

Pics of Keelie )
on Tues. and we went out for cake and ice cream last night. Which means, yes...I have pics again!

She got some fake bottles for her baby...but baby didn't get the bottle (notice the glove on her hand...she had been wearing both gloves but lost one):

more doodlebug )
I just got these tonight from my niece. She took them when they brought the baby out to my sister's. They evidently couldn't make up their minds when buying her costumes, because in these...she's a lion.


She was so cute walking around in her little maryjanes and Snow White costume. I managed to get a couple of pics of her even though she isn't looking at me in either one of them LOL

She really liked those suckers (that's her mommy trying to get her to look at me):

more Keelie )
and got some cute pics.

Little Miss Hollywood:

more Keelie )
There aren't very many because she wasn't in a good mood. She was fussy for most of the day.
the doodlebug )
This time they're pics of both babies and my nephew and his wife (Keelie's mom and dad).

First a pic of both babydolls:

More babies )
I had her for a couple of hours this afternoon and just couldn't resist getting more pics :)

Keelie crawled under the table and went kerplop when she was trying to stand up:

More Keelie )
one of the babydolls! Keelie needed somewhere to stay while her momma and daddy were at work and Auntie got the job! Yeah!

I decided to share a video of her doing this funny thing with her head. She looks like she's head banging LOL The video was taken with my little laptop cam and has no sound, but it turned out pretty good.

I also took some pics of her. They're behind the cut.

This way to cuteness )

one of the babydolls.


I know it's not the 'nana nana boo boo' post, but I'm still at the old place ;-) and these were just too cute to pass on the chance to show off one of the baby dolls.

Keelie kickin' it on Aunt Keata's floor )
that I got to see my baby doll. My youngest nephew's b-day was today, and the whole family got together at my brother and sister in law's for lunch, cake and ice cream. I got to see Keelie and hold her a few times during the day. Behind the cut is a pic of her that I had my niece take.

Keelie nappin' )
Here are a few more pics of that babies. These are the ones I took with my regular camera so I had to wait for them to be developed.

Mia and Keelie )
These are pics of Keelie from Christmas.

Keelie's 1st Christmas )
Christmas this year was the best one I've had in a long time...mostly because of the addition of the babies. Below are pics of Mia (my other great niece) that I took on Christmas.

Mia's 1st Christmas )
Behind the cut is a few pics that I got the other day. I'm going to get more on Christmas, but these are at least more than I had before.

Meet Keelie )

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