I posted these at My Creations, but thought I would post them here. I usually don't make icons because I'm not that good at them, but I made these and was surprised with the results.

I've been making icons...but I had fun. I finally found some wonderful caps of Odo and Lwaxana from DS9 and have been busy making icons with them since I loved them together. I decided since I don't have anyone here at home to show them to, I'd share them here. I also made some new Ben and Blondie ones which turned out rather nice to my surprise because I pretty much suck at making icons.

Ben and Blondie:

We call this scene the KATBOTS...Kiss At The Bottom Of The Stairs.

And this pic is from their wedding reception before the groom was shot.

Odo and Lwaxana:

Sniff..."Goodbye, Husand."

A very pregnant and tired Lwaxana snuggles into Odo's lap and falls into the first restful sleep she's had in months.

Same as the above. I just had to use this pic for an icon because she looks so peaceful...which is really what I should have put instead of restful LOL

Lwaxana has just put Odo's hand over the baby and he can feel how tranquil and peaceful the baby is and it sooths him and Lwaxana.

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