And thought I would share some of the things I've made.

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Tomorrow will be six years since we lost Momma to breast cancer. And all I wanted to do was take flowers down to the cemetery tomorrow, well, the family decided to go today...without me. Oh well, I've known for quite some time now that I don't matter to them, I shouldn't be surprised. Sigh...

Anyway, here is a wallpaper I made myself in honor of Momma.

Not really, just a picnic in the park, but that song popped into my head when I started this post.

My cousins are in from Seattle, Washington, and we're all getting together at the park to visit with them. Thankfully the weather is cooler now so the older family members won't get sick from the heat.

I'm so happy they came for a visit because I love these two! Ann is German and wonderfully funny! I love her accent and the stories she tells are always hilarious. She's the sweetest thing, and if she didn't have a German wouldn't know that she was only family by marriage! Now if only I could figure out how to sneak myself in with their stuff so I could go back to Seattle with them LOL

I also thought I would share a new wallpaper I made as I know some of you like the person on the wallpaper.

Not really, that's not my style...but I'm danged proud of how this wallpaper turned out and decided to share.

My cousin's little girl is a doll and I've had this pics for a I decided to make her a wallpaper...and I just have to share because it turned out so cute...

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