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Feb. 1st, 2008 06:37 pm
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freezing! This weather is so crazy. It dumped about four inches of snow on us yesterday and got cold, cold, cold.


It's supposed to be nearly 70F (19C) Monday. We're all thinking, "Great...more storms, specifically tornadoes."

This weather is crazy.

And so are the people in this stupid town.

A woman came in today wearing a long skirt, winter boots, a sleeveless top...and no coat.

Brilliant, huh?

On another note...

I'm going to visit one of our stores tomorrow with the Reginonal Manager. She asked me today if I had anything planned for tomorrow (amazingly enough I'm off on a Sat. again...that's two in a row after not having one off since Sept. last year) and then asked if I wanted to go since I've only seen our store and the one I helped set up in 2006. I said sure, and she made the trip even better by telling me she'd take me to Lambert's afterward. Oh yeah.

I've not ever been there. Was supposed to go a few years ago for my b-day, but my brother never took me.

And the best part...

It's on the company so I can have whatever I want LOL

And...some day I'm going to Ireland. It's the land of half of my ancestors and it's beautiful. And they're are places that are so quiet and peaceful that it's like a small part of heaven here on earth. I have dreamed of going since I was a little girl. I think out of all the dreams I've ever had, going to Ireland and Scotland are the two I want most.

I love this song, although I don't like this guy's version. It's so sad, but beautiful and relaxing at the same time.

Yes, I'm in a strange mood. A very close friend died on Thursday, and the woman who became my second mother while I was watching my mother die from cancer lost her mother on Thursday as well. So, it's put me in this strange mood.

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