We went twenty years with no ice storms. Then bam!, we're hit with small one in November two years ago and then a larger one in January last year. Well...then we repeat again and get hit last month, and now again this month...twice. How crazy is that?

Anyway, I have more pics.

Again with the ice, oy! )
It's now covered with a dusting of snow since light flurries have started, but you can still see the ice. I left the pics big so that you could click on them and see the details better. They're a bit dark...but it's not bright outside LOL

A view of one of the trees and the parking lot of the apartments next door to mine:

A view of the house on the other side of my building as well as the power lines:

And a view of the sidewalk and ground out the back door of my building:

Lovely, isn't it? And we're supposed to get more of this on Friday. Ugh.
Well, no work for me today.  I'm sitting here listening to ice pellets hitting the window.  The ground is white with them.  And there's more on the way.

They're saying we going to get up to an inch and a half of ice by the time this is over with.  Oy!  I just hope I don't lose power.  

I'll post pics like I did with the other ice storm as soon as I get some.

Ice Storm 2008...here it comes. 

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