Feb. 13th, 2008

It's a sad but sweet and true love story.

Over fifty years ago, a man met a woman and fell in love. They shared the same birthday (which I often teased him about being a smart man for marrying a woman that shared his birthday so he wouldn't forget) and were married on Valentine's Day (teased him about this one too).

I've known this man and his wife all of my life. When I was little, I would run up to him and hug his knees because that was all I could reach, he was so tall. But, I didn't leave her out, I would fall asleep on her lap as she ran her fingers through my hair and she always got a hug.   

As I got older, I still hugged them both, but didn't have to hug his knees, and didn't fall asleep on her lap anymore.  I watched them love each other through countless health problems. I even walked with her back to see him in the ER when he nearly died a couple of years ago.  Theirs was the love that's written about in movies and books. 

Well, as those of you who read my post on Feb. 1st know, a friend of mine died on the 31st of January...that was her. Today, he passed away...just in time to spend Valentine's Day with his sweetheart...

He didn't forget their anniversay this year either...

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